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Carina Giovanna Garcia

Carina knows how to capture the beauty in every person and bring their vision to life.

With over 20+ years' of experience in the entertainment and beauty industry Carina's passion and natural talent started at a very early age. Carina started her career without even realizing it image consulting for "Dominique Diprima" a Hostess of an NBC Bay Area San Francisco Hip-Hop  "Home Turf" television show that featured such up-and-coming stars as then In Living Color "Fly Girl" Jennifer Lopez, Tupac Shakur, and Ice Cube.  Carina expanded her knowledge and training and found a natural talent and love for the field of Hair, Makeup, Style & Special FX which shown soon proofed to be the path of choice for this ambitious and hard-working Artist.


Carina's extensive experience in the areas of fashion show production, print, public/ media relations and entertainment has allowed her the privilege of working with such well-known Celebrities as Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Coughlin, Vince Neil, Carlos Santana, Kate Moss, Olay Cassini, Marina Acton, Christian Louboutin and many others. Carina has traveled throughout the US and internationally for her clients, and works on a wide range of projects such as Lucasfilm's STAR WARS: The Last Jedi Christian Louboutin movie collab to corporate commercials and private clients.


Living in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Las Vegas, Carina has been the subject of various newspaper articles, syndicated TV shows, and featured on the Latin network Telemundo.





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